Cavapoo Puppies Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Cavapoo puppies are a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle. We understand not every family is looking for a 60lb lap dog. Therefore, after careful research, we decided to add Cavapoos as a great alternative. They are 15-25lbs full grown, minimal to no shedding, look like goldendoodles, have very similar loving, happy, sweet, and devoted temperaments just like goldendoodles.  

Our CAVAPOO puppies are $3000.00 (including BOTH the $600 deposit and TX Sales Tax) regardless of gender or color. All puppies are sold with a spay/neuter agreement and two year health guarantee.

**Please refer to our Q&A page for information on puppy pricing, reservations and picking**


For our next availability for Cavapoo puppies will be in 6-9 months unless there is an unexpected availability. Please feel free to contact me for further information or to add your name to our reservation list. I can be reached via the contact tab above, by text at 325-320-1026 or message me through facebook. Phone calls are made by appointment. I am happy to answer any questions.


**LITTER IS RESERVED** - We are happy to announce that Kitty and Red Rover are parents to a lovely litter of F1 Cavapoos born on 7/6/2020. Birth announcement coming soon!

Kitty - Our pretty Tri-Colored King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Red Rover - Red Miniature Poodle

**LITTER IS RESERVED**Just look at these cuties!! Here are Kitty & Red Rover’s F1 Cavapoos at 4 weeks old. They’re starting to walk upright, will be starting mush, are curious about the litter box, and already have tails wagging like crazy!! 

**LITTER IS RESERVED**I am excited to announce Kitty and Red Rover’s litter of 6 adorable F1 Cavapoos. They are 2 weeks old and beautiful!


**LITTER IS RESERVED** - We are happy to announce that Arya and Red Rover are expecting litter of F1B Cavapoos due around 8/7/2020. Stay tuned!!

Arya - Our Tri-Colored Cavapoo

Red Rover - Our Red Miniature Poodle


**All puppies have gone to their forever homes.**

Please enjoy the pictures of the previous litter as they grew.

**Faith, Love, and Doodles reserves the right to keep any puppy and/or hold a prospective puppy of interest at any time for its breeding program. Faith, Love, and Doodles also reserves the right to refuse any prospective buyer.